Corporate Services: Restructuring, Asset Optimization, Listing & IPO Services

TCML only works on a selected basis for companies that have the synergies and upside potentials for listing and spin-off in the areas of

Corporate Restructuring,

Asset Optimization,

MBO (Management Buy-out),

Mergers & Takeovers,
Trade & Equity Financing,
Bank Guarantees

Bond Structuring Services
: Structured MTNs (ABS) for Listed & Private Corporations

Structured Bonds (ABS) for selected industries only: shipping, infrastructure and mining
High Yields for listed and qualified private commercial companies

Zero Coupons.for specific structured commercial issues
REITS for property developers & owners. (Product information, articles and releases are available for download at )
Credit Enhancements: Issues of Guarantee Notes & Performance Bonds.

Mining Ventures:
Develop quantifiable technical business and investment models for mining ventures

TCML has secured mandates with some of the key steel mill operators and minerals importers to source mineral resources of iron, copper, nickel, cobalt, chromite and coal.

TCML helps structuring all ground work on feasibility reports, building and enhancing biz and financial modeling as well as packaging the ventures for future fund raising, listing and IPO exercises.  


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